This form will enable you to send any questions or comments you have to the Upper Freehold Board of Education. Since we treat these web questions the same as ones asked during the public portion of the meeting, we need the form below filled out completely to be able to ask the question on your behalf at the next meeting.

Once your question is submitted here, it is immediately emailed to all of the Board members for consideration. In addition, someone from the Board will act as your proxy and ask your question at our next scheduled meeting live. The Board will discuss the question during the meeting and we will email you back the answer. The more common questions will also be posted to our Forum so that others can benefit from the answers. Please understand that we expect the same level of sincerity and decorum with these questions as we do at our meetings and will not entertain any that are defamatory or contain inappropriate language.

This form is not intended for questions related to personnel issues or curriculum and any of these concerns should always be addressed through the established procedure. This process involves discussing any problem first with the student's Teacher. If no resolution is found, you should then bring it to the attention of the specific school's Principal. If these efforts are still not sufficient to resolve the issue, you can contact the District Superintendent for further assistance.

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We will do our best to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

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